Learning PowerShell? RTFM!

November 14th, 2008 • By: Jesse Hamrick PowerShell Book Reviews

Review – Windows PowerShell TFM 2nd Edition (SAPIEN Press)

"Since 1986, SAPIEN Technologies has produced information technology and software solutions that make a difference. Today, we're focused on making scripting easier, through a best-in-class suite of solutions that include software, training, publishing, and community."

Recently I've had the pleasure of diving into each facet of their suite and I agree with the "best-in-class" definition. The material I reviewed easily steps you through the beginning, intermediate, and advanced stages required to becoming a PowerShell guru. Here is the the material I reviewed for this article:

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Enumerate The Remote Event Log with .NET

November 7th, 2008 • By: Jesse Hamrick PowerShell Scripting

One of my favorite things to do as an administrator is to open Domain Controller Security Event Logs and manually thumb through them looking for evil doers… NOT! Opening, filtering, and sorting entries is as exciting as watching paint dry, well actually paint dries quicker…

PowerShell introduced a cool cmdlet called Get-EventLog… Hold on I know what you are thinking! You’ve used Get-EventLog and it only gathers information from the local computer, and your right! Because of this limitation some of you have opted to use WMI to connect to remote logs. Since PowerShell utilizes .NET, how do we use .NET to gather Event log info from a remote computer? If you would like to learn how to use PowerShell and .NET to remotely connect to your Domain Controller and gather information from the security log keep reading on…

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PowerShell Big Hit at VMworld 2008

October 9th, 2008 • By: Jesse Hamrick PowerShell Scripting

Picture of VMworld SlideI had perviously provided a download link for the VMware VI Toolkit within the "PowerShell Downloads" section on this site. To be quite honest the download statistics have been minimal at best. My thoughts were that since this site caters to those whom are learning PowerShell, the readers of this site may not yet have been exposed to virtulization technologies. The way the industry is heading you will… And VMware ESX is most likley the product you will be working with.

While putting together my schedule for VMworld there it was, "Managing VMware with PowerShell." I didn't know what to expect? How well is PowerShell being received as a management tool for VM? Seems kind of strange that a Microsoft technology is utilized to manage a non-Microsoft environment, but that is exactly what's happening here. I got to the break-out session early and was able to get a good seat. By the time the presentation began it was a packed house, they were turning folks away at the door. Clearly those working with VMware were interested in how PowerShell was going to make administration eaiser and I was one of them…

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August 29th, 2008 • By: Jesse Hamrick PowerShell Downloads

PowerShell ASPI can’t tell you how excited I am about PowerShellASP, but I will… While making the transition from VBScript to PowerShell there were two pieces of functionality that I could not live without; HTML Applications (HTA) and Dynamic .ASP web pages. This functionality allows me to distribute VBScripts wrapped in an application or as a web page. I’m able to (and still do) write code that is utilized by clients who have no scripting or programming background, like my mom!

Let me show you an example of what an HTA is so that you get a better picture..

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How to Send Alerts to Your Mailbox using .NET

August 14th, 2008 • By: Jesse Hamrick PowerShell Scripting

Sending Email.I received a request from a colleague asking if I had a script that would poll a file and send him an email if a file's size became larger than 2k. Apparently they are using an application that was written by a friend-of-a-friend who is no longer in the Software Business so there is no support for the product. How does this kind of stuff happen???

My reaction was wow! What happens when the file grows larger than 2k(yes you are reading this correctly, 2k)? My colleague replied, "The app slows down, sometimes locks up, and users start to complain. Our course of action is to delete the file, the application regenerates it and we start all over again. Attempting to be pro-active, we periodically check the file size by manually browsing the file properties. Most of the time we are able to catch and fix the problem before the users are affected. It's just the times we miss all hell breaks loose." I said, "I can help you with that issue…"

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